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I have been empowering Women into their births to Mother

for 4 years in this life -

but centuries, when you combined all of the lives I have lived and died for the liberation of Wombankind.

I guide and encourage my sisters to remember their abilities - their power, their burn, their magic,

their ferocity, their innate ability to make Heaven burn and Hell ice over.

Woman is the original creatress of all birth in place and time, and it is THE time,

We embraced our worth as that in which it is - LIMITLESS.

I want every Woman to harness their physical birth journey,

and ride it wildly, into GoddessHood.

Know that shame, fear, guilt and any other negative, sabotaging energetic leach -


Allow me to burn it all away, and fan your flame, as you explode with pure ecstatic joy

as you prepare for your Awakening.

Let The Birthing, begin! 

One on one sessions with Nerissa, via Zoom -

1 hour per week over a 5 - 8 week course,

designed specifically for you.

Nerissa works with you using movement, pranayama (breathing exercises),

ancestral and DNA healing, emotional releasing, channelled wisdom

and energetic blocking and locking.

Nerissa is a qualified yoga teacher and pranayama teacher -

She has vast experience in prenatal and postnatal care,

is a natural born energy sorcerous - with the ability to cut truth out of any source.

Over her many years working closely with Women from all walks of life, She has obtained the ability

to control her Goddess Channeling -

which basically translates to lucid dreaming states, astro projecting herself to sit with guides of the feminine,

and harnessing her Goddess given gifts to empower you

with the re-birth you deserve, that her fire helps to ignite.












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