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Be held and guided by Nerissa in the birthing of your own shamanic medicine frame drum.

This workshop is an offering facilitated by Nerissa, to intimately gather with your personal circle of sisters, to reconnect with your ancestors and the ancestors of this land,

as you open yourself to receiving the medicine in which you are needing to receive

from yourself, for yourself.


The subconscious activation of self-awareness and self-acknowledgment

that takes place when we enter the birth portal, awakens our ancestor's storylines

and stimulates our DNA conditioning - bringing to surface, all of what needs to be acknowledged,

digested and released, to make space for birth to take place.

You will do all of this, through Nerissa's guided presence, as you personally process through

your own journeying and nurturing of your intuitive self-guidance.

Embracing all parts of ourselves; Our past, being such a big foundation, to what has enabled us

to be led to our current placement, here.

Birthing your own medicine frame drum is a sacred ceremony of self-acceptance.

Honouring all of what we are; Our personal pain, our collective pain, our linage, our history as womben

and our intuitive knowledge, that continues to encourage us to re-thread what has been lost.

What to expect:


• a safe and held space to birth your own shamanic medicine frame drum

• a ceremony held by Nerissa to acknowledge your intention and your opening to the birth portal

• a drum journey to support your own drum birthing experience, guided by Nerissa 

• all materials and tools needed to intuitively birth your own shamanic medicine frame drum

• Nerissa's personal guidance and support in your drum birthing journey 

• the animal spirit we will be working with is kangaroo so the animal skin that you will be using in the creation of your drum will be kangaroo hide

• the frame of the drum is 18" and is traditionally made, using native Australian wood


This is a one day experience, created by Nerissa to support you in the reclaiming of your

divine self knowledge and ancestral connections. 

You will leave this experience deeply connected to your ancestors and to your own divine abilities.


You will be supported by Nerissa, as you intuitively birth your own shamanic medicine drum

and the re-membering of your innate connection to this earth and the divine feminine spirit,

through the embodiment of creativity and vibration. 


You will leave this workshop with your very own shamanic medicine frame drum -

to support and nurture you on your own journey.

You will also leave with a new connection to sisterhood and to yourself. 


Held physically, in-person, on request (a minimum of 6 tickets must be sold)

Each ticket is $550

 (and includes all materials necessary to birth your own 18' shamanic medicine drum)

If you would like to book Nerissa to facilitate a shamanic drum birthing workshop for you and your friends, please make contact below to arrange.



(available on request)

If you would like to birth your own shamanic medicine drum in the comfort of your own home, please click the link below to read more about our home birthing drum kits.
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