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Join me, as I begin a new LIVE course:

Claim Your Magic - a guide to conciously experiencing your innate power and gifts


Over 6 classes, held via Zoom, bi-weekly, I will guide you through ways to support your realignment to your worth,

to your own ancestors, and to your innate feminine magic and power - accessed through the relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Offering guidance to support you in the strengthening of your intuition, as a muscle and tools to support your reconnection to what it is, to be the embodiment to the Wild Divine Feminine.


If you have been wanting to dive deeper into your innate psychic abilities, your intuition

and your feminine cellular memory, then this is the course for you!

6x 1.5 hour classes - held bi-weekly, over 12 weeks - beginning 19th August.

- As women, we are innately connected to the cycle - the representation of renewal. Women subconsciously detach themselves from their power, from their magic - because of the layers of conditioning that controls them. Our conditioning attaches to our fear and "wounded state" - pulling on ancestral trauma and social expectation.

This course is about supplying you with tools and practices to align you to your true self, your authentic foundation - so that you can access the power of your energy, held in the power of the feminine body.

Over a 12 week journey of 6 group live calls (via zoom), held bi-weekly for 1.5 hours each session,

you will learn specific, channeled tools and to be held in your shedding and awakening, supported by sisterhood.


Each week Nerissa will focus on a new topic, offering guidance and channeled wisdom to support you in your personal journey in the liberation of your magic and your power - held by a foundation of your true, wild self.

Nerissa will also give you a new tool each session, to put into action - and you will then have the two weeks in between classes,

to implement it - into your reality. 

Expect to leave with a tool kit and a whole new perspective, to support you driving forward!

Each session will be held LIVE on the listed dates below - but will also be recorded for the participants who live in a time zone that doesn't align, or for anyone who cannot make the LIVE class. Regardless, you will receive a copy of the recorded class, which will be accessible until the end of the 12 week course. 

A few days before the course begins, you will receive a Welcome Email from Nerissa, providing you with all necessary information for login and recording access.

*please note that recordings will be shared via a WhatsApp group chat - and Nerissa encourages you to be a part of the group chat experience, as it truly offers a safe space for connection and sharing. 


SECOND SESSION: 2nd September - 7PM AEST

THIRD SESSION: 16th September - 7PM AEST

FOURTH SESSION: 30th September - 7PM AEST

FIFTH SESSION: 14th October - 7PM AEDT

SIXTH SESSION: 28th October  - 7PM AEDT

* please note that Australian DAYLIGHT SAVINGS begins on the 6th October. Our 5th & 6th sessions (14th and 28th October)

will be held an hour before our usual meeting time - in relation to daylight savings time (AEDT) 

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*Afterpay available at checkout
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