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This home kit provides everything you need, to confidently home birth,

your own shamanic medicine drum.


  • All necessary instructions to birth your own shamanic medicine frame drum

  • 1 cured kangaroo hide, personally smudged and blessed by Nerissa

  • Traditionally made 18" circular drum frame (handcrafted from native Australian wood) 

  • Ceremonial grade cacao, and blue lotus flowers (to hold your own sacred cacao ceremony)

  • A 20 minute personalised and intuitively led, shamanic drum journey meditation - created specifically for you, by Nerissa (available for personal keeping via audio format)

  • An intuitively chosen gift, for you, from Nerissa as a totem of blessings and love on your personal journey forward.

home kit.PNG

*PLEASE NOTE: At this time, this kit is only available for postage within Australia.

Please also note, that all items are made and purchased to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks from purchase, for your order to be received.

What you will need, that is not included in the Home Kit, is a sharp pair of scissors

and a good quality hole punch (I use a good crafting hole punch and it works perfectly.)

If you are interested in birthing your shamanic medicine drum in a physical workshop,

held and guided by Nerissa, find out more by clicking the link below.

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