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This intimate medicine drum birthing workshops is a physical offering, facilitated by Nerissa,

and held by healed sisterhood.

The birthing of one's medicine drum, is an intimate experience of re-threading and re-membering

of what it is - to be W O M B A N.

The subconscious activation of self-awareness and self-acknowledgment

that takes place when we enter the birth portal, awakens our ancestor's storylines

and stimulates our DNA conditioning - bringing to surface, all of what needs to be acknowledged,

digested, birthed and released.

You will do all of this, through Nerissa's guided presence, as you personally process through

your own journeying and nurturing of your intuitive self-guidance.

Embracing all parts of ourselves; Our past, being such a big foundation, to what has enabled us

to be led to this current placement, here.

Birthing your own medicine frame drum is a sacred ceremony of self-acceptance.

Honouring all of what we are; Our personal pain, our collective pain, our linage, our history as womben,

and our intuitive knowledge that continues to encourage us to re-thread what has been lost and taken from womankind, as a collective.


Birthing your sacred medicine drum, amongst sisters, is an invitation to allow the magick,

that is healed Sisterhood, to re-enter your consciousness, as the medicine that is needed,

to re-energize the divine feminine and reawaken your divine rite, to honour Her within yourself. 

No upcoming events at the moment

If you are unable to attend a physical workshop,

please follow the link below to read more about

The Womb Medicine Drum Birthing Home Kit.

drum birthing home kit
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