guidance sessions 


Women are creatures of The Moon.

We feel it all because we are connected to it all.

Women are expansive beings, with an innate ability to consciously and continuously transition and transform.

We are gifted a free ride into profound growth, when we grow and birth life,

so why not re-learn our ancient ability to do this, at any time?

If you are ready; I am here to light the match.

You are gonna be one hell of a blaze, sister.

If you want to shake off conditioning, heal downloaded and/or experienced trauma,

or you want to harness and tune better into your intuition, your innate magic -

or maybe you just want to peel back the layers to see just how bright you can shine...

Then Goddess Guidance sessions, are for you. 

1-on-1 private sessions with Nerissa, via Zoom -

a 75 minute one-on-one session meeting every second week, over a 5 session course, specifically designed - for you.

These session also include drop-ins, which are welcomed by Nerissa, whenever you have something you'd like to share.

Whether that is an epiphany, a win in your home practices, or anything you'd like to share as apart of your journey with Nerissa.

(most drop-ins are made via voice note or message on Instagram message)

Nerissa works through intuitive guidance. She is gifted with the ability to connect to your energetic portals

and your authentic truth, by tapping into your emotional wellness (body) and where/how you are being restricted

from reaching your healed state and your purposeful potential.

Each session, Nerissa will give you "soul work" which is homework to encourage your growth,

over the two weeks between your last and your next session.

The soul work is given intuitively - and is created to accelerate your personal healing and evolution.


Nerissa is a mind witch. And this translates to working with restructuring and reactivating the mind.

Nerissa believes the mind to be the gatekeeper to healing and thus, change.

She obtains knowledge that has been long lost; And this knowledge holds guidance

on in how to access our Truth and how to heal the relationship between the body (which includes the mind) and the spirit.

In session, you can expect, intuitive, personally channeled guidance - and this will translate in many different ways,

including the use of movement, ritual, pranayama (breathe work), energetic healing, mind activation practices,

perspective techniques and activities to help build what you are lacking, which is most always related to self worth

- through self experienced trauma or body trapped, ancestral trauma.


Nerissa is a highly awake spirit - with a very lively sense of awareness.

 Her psychic abilities show themselves through short visions (like a snippet of action shown from the viewers perspective)

and she can tap into your energetic system through aura portals.

Nerissa is a mind witch - and has been in most of her lives, so more than anything, she is a master alchemist -

with the ability to manipulate, and so heal, all energy, but in particular, the Divine Feminine energy. 

Nerissa is a qualified 300 hour yoga teacher and pranayama teacher -and has vast experience in prenatal and postnatal care.

She is a natural born energy sorcerous, with the ability to cut truth out of any source. 

Over her many years working closely with Women from all walks of life,

She has obtained the ability to control her Goddess Channeling -

which basically translates to lucid dreaming states, astral projecting herself to sit with guides of the feminine,

and harnessing her Goddess given gifts to empower you with the re-birth and activation, you deserve.

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