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WORKSHOP 1: Grounded & Gooey 

Arrive to the festival and your body in the most exquisite way.

Any tension in your body, mind & emotions can gently release and as we let go through an embodied movement process

to come into intimacy with your innate deeper wisdom.

Allow your body’s innate wisdom to whisper as you explore why you’re really here, and set your intentions in a way

that makes your heart quiver. 


WORKSHOP 2: Outrageous Play 

Slide into a delicious morning of Devotional Erotic Dance™ to enliven your body, expand your range of pleasurable possibilities

and bring your playful, erotic innocence to the forefront. 

 In this workshop you’ll be masterfully invited to drop being ‘cool’ & ‘sexy’ in all the conventional, conditioned & socially expected ways and find your authentic, ridiculously magnetic self through a play space that takes you radically out of your head

and into the flow of your body. 


WORKSHOP 3: Divinely Feminine 

As naturally as peach tree produces a juicy fruit when given the right conditions to flourish, you too will be given a space,

support and practices to allow your innate Divine Feminine to radiate through your body.

Explore the endless facets of expression available to you. See how you can move through the world as a gift - touching others hearts

and experiencing the breathtaking reality of women embodying the Divine Feminine. 


WORKSHOP 4: Deeply Seen  

You will not be the same woman by the end of the festival. In this final workshop you’ll be held, appreciated, celebrated

and seen for the magnificent woman you truly are.

Be guided into your most radiant expression, as you are re-born into the world and a new way of being. 

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