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A physically held space, with Nerissa - built entirely around your needs.
This session either runs for 4 hours (on average) or for overnight,
where you stay with Nerissa, in glamping style accommodation and dig deeper.

Nerissa uses her intuitive, psychic and empathic abilities to tap into blocked energy ports and ancestral trauma held within your body's memory.

There are many reasons as to way we feel trapped, in way, from fully meeting ourselves here.
We as a human race, are disconnected from our truth, from our intuition,
from community (being of one another),
and from our Earth. And although we can recognise that something is "missing",
few of us are able to trust ourselves blindly, in the rediscovering of what we truly are
and what we are truly capable of.

The tools we were once taught, by our mothers and fathers as children, teaching by example,
passed down from ancestor to ancestor, have been long lost.
Humankind is a lost and disconnected race.

We are of Earth, and yet we have forgotten this.
We poison Earth, in the choices that we make, every single day
and we poison ourselves within these choices - in the places, the things and the people we choose
to put our energy into. And in these subconscious, self-sabotaging conditioned responses,
we continue to disconnect and poison ourselves further, adding to the layers of conditioning.

Everything we experience is either a consequence for our denial and disconnection,
or a reward for trusting in our intuition and healing through self-awareness.  

These sessions are run intuitively, so don't expect anything you may have been told!
Nerissa works with many different forms of medicine - from plant to drum, to communication, to energetic, to intuitive tarot, psychic awareness and physical touch. 

All you need to do is TRUST THE PROCESS. And know, that you lead the way, so everything that takes place is self-led and initiated by you; Nerissa follows you!

Have further questions?
Don't hesitate to contact Nerissa.


Book a pysical 1:1 session with Nerissa
at her Wombankind sanctuary
in Bellingen, NSW, Australia.

"This physical offering is for the women, who want true connection.
And I recommend it to any woman who lives close enough, to experience the pure magic
of the incredibly transformative and powerful space that Nerissa holds.
I was able to shift things in our 4-hour session, that I haven't been able to shift
in 10 years of therapy."  

Sarah Lee
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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