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WORKSHOP 1: The Multi-Dimensional Womban

In this workshop, Nerissa will guide you through the realms, to reconnect to what you truly are.

You are a multi-faceted woman. You have different versions of self, and all of them have been necessary for your survival here. Some of your dimensions of self - relate to your ancestors, and some relate to your truth - but all of them

require your acknowledgment to enable true acceptance and true embodiment - of your divine feminine essence and power.

You do not need to search for anything "more" - you just need to let yourself, be found.

Nerissa will guide you through a series of meditations and practices - to draw a bridge between your sub-conscious

and your conscious mind - allow all that needs to be felt, seen and acknowledge - to be received, in a held space of love, compassion and forgiveness.  

WORKSHOP 2: Authentic As Fuck

In this delightfully playful and outrageously real workshop, Nerissa will give you what she gives best:

Authenticity and zero fucks given.

A live conversation around how we can continue to break down social conditioning and the toxic programs associated to womanhood - and how our authenticity is gilded with the acceptance of all dimensions of self -

our wounded self, our conditioned self, our trauma, our processing, our mistakes, our healing and our truth.

In this workshop, there will be the option to ask questions!



WORKSHOP 3: Goddess Guidance

This workshop will be intuitively created in the present moment. 

Nerissa will feel into what is needed to complete and encapsulate our magical time together, as Wombankind, as sisterhood - allowing space for reflection and reverence - for all that has been met, honoured, released and invited -

on both the personal and the collective front.

In this workshop, Nerissa will also acknowledge the sisterhood wound through practices of reflection -

that I am you and you are me. That by honouring self-forgiveness, we honour collective healing.



Instagram: @womban_kind

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