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WORKSHOP 1: Conscious Pleasure
Conscious Pleasure is about approaching intimacy with awareness, respect, and understanding.

In this workshop the main focus will be on female sexuality and pleasure.
This workshop will provide an opportunity to deepen your understanding and connection with your body - and through discussions and practices, women will be guided to learn about their anatomy, physiology, and the intricacies of their own pleasure state.
This includes exploring erogenous zones, understanding arousal patterns, and learning techniques for enhancing pleasure and orgasm.

Workshop 2: Ancient Secrets Of Sexuality
In this workshop we will talk about the spiritual aspect of sexuality, drawing on tantric techniques to cultivate a deeper connection with body.
The Tantric practices emphasises mindfulness, presence, and energetic exchange -

allowing you to transcend physical sensations and experience a profound sense of intimacy.
We will explore the wisdom of the yoni egg: the ancient grandmother stone - offering healing shamanic practices using the yoni egg.

*You can choose to bring your own yoni egg or purchase one on the day. (rose quartz or obsidian options will be available for $50 each)
*You can also choose to bring a crystal to hold in hand and draw from energetically, instead of using the yoni egg internally.


Instagram: @naturotantra

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