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A physical gathering for Wombankind.

Come and meet Nerissa, and lets hang out over cacao, crafting and get to know one another through circle and ceremony.

This gathering is to create space to connect with other women from the Wombankind community

and to create a deeper foundation for the year ahead.

Nerissa will be holding a container for channeling through a collective tarot reading and psychic connection session -

allowing any messages and guidance from angels, ancestors and spirit guardians to come forward.

She will also hold a cacao ceremony to welcome release, to make space for renewal as we prepare for the new season ahead. Nerissa will also be leading you on a deep and restorative medicine drum journey,

to connect further with any guidance from ancestors and spirit guides.


There are only 12 tickets available, so don't miss out!

*Afterpay available at checkout 

This event will be held in Kallista, Victoria

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