Bring what you don't want, and we'll light it up with flammable spirit -

So that you can make space for what you need to keep burning true.

THE BLAZE is a community of women who feel / have felt suppressed by society - in way of their fire.

Alot of us, as women living within a patriarchal society - have felt and do feel, abandoned and unseen

in our wild woman authenticity.

Our ability to transform has been dampened, as we are dampened continuously, so to stay small and alike

in our under acknowledged job - as mother, nest protector, independent rider -

within our historic and expectant placement here.

Women of fire were made to walk amongst us,

with enough fuel to set alight any sisters that need it

- without sabotaging their own heat.

Fire Women hold the innate power to transform all of us as Wombankind, simply by being seen.

I am a Fire Woman.

I created this safe space to gather, for the Women who feel angry and restricted,

hot and energy-filled - who feel tired of blazing alone, and want to unite TO BE seen

and combine to explode - in relief and in truth. 

We meet four times a year, at the beginning of each new season - via Zoom  - in a womens circle kind of setting, but with more sass and exploration

- to share, let go, unleash, rebirth, prepare and refuel.

EXPECT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING - from screaming and dancing and sweating,

to crying and laughing and swearing and... Blazing. 


$30 per session


limited availability

Gatherings will take place (within a few days)

of the Full Moon - every 3 months

prepare for a 2 hour (around about) session


                 9am AEST               

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Please also note, that The Blaze is open to all identifying Women.

In saying this, I ask everyone to respect that I work heavily with Humans, born as Women -

working through ancestral, DNA and societal-projected,

trauma and wounding associated with being born with a vagina.



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