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All the gold of Goddess Guidance 1-on-1 sessions - but shared in group. 

Group Goddess Guidance sessions are run in groups of 2-3,

keeping the sessions intimate and connection filled -

with heaps of room for open, shared discussion and of course, truth bombing growth!

I created GGG for the women wanting to experience the power of these sessions,

but who would feel more comfortable sharing the focus spotlight -

As well as to keep these sessions financially accessible to all women, in all stages of life.

You may have a friend or a few friends that are interested in similar ways to grow into themselves.

Maybe it's to successfully learn ways and tools to help you push past boundaries and to assist in shedding conditioning.

Maybe it's to heal the wounded sisterhood...

Or maybe you are all just open to sharing in a safe space - and ready to allow that space

to draw up whatever needs to be healed and moved on.

If you don't have anyone in mind to share these sessions with, no problem!

I'll team you up with a Goddess who resonates with your wants and needs - so that you may transform, together.

Who knows... This could initiate a new, life long friendship!

GGG is run as a 5 session package.

Depending on the group,

Goddess Guidance will run for a 75 minute session,

once a week OR a 75 minute session, once a fortnight.

*GGG pricing is evenly divided between the group.

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