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In my psychic guidance readings, I use a mix of classic tarot cards, angel guidance cards as well as intuitive connection - calling in messages and guidance from spirit.

I have always had psychic abilities and deep intuitive awareness.

I often receive guidance though visualisations and imagery.

My readings are intuitive and focused upon present to near future.

My work is all around calling in change and perspective to honor personal potential and self worthiness;

So I like to focus my readings on empowerment -

ways to help you move forward into growth and harness your own capabilities, that may not yet, be recognized.


Card readings are not "future final" - as you are the driving force behind yourself,

meaning you will always have the ability to manipulate energy to work for your personal liberation

or your personal suppression.


Every second, of every day - THERE IS CHOICE.

And the choices we make, all hold consequences that may fuel our growth and potential

or encourage our conditioning and stagnancy.

Are you ready to receive some wisdom and guidance and fuel yourself into your future self blossoming?


  • A 2 hour guidance session - designed to give you insight and clarity.

    333 Australian dollars
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