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Our intuition speaks so much louder than our logical mind, if we truly listen to it.

Sometimes you may just feel that there are other energies, besides your own, at play.

You are living within a body that carries with it, thousands of years of body memory.

Our body is conditioned to react the same way it has,

for the thousands of ancestors that have lived within it, before you.

Blocks that show up as repetitive cycles, self-sabotaging techniques, resistance to healing and growth and feelings of

"I just cannot seem to get past this point" may be reflective of energetic locks, curses and hexes

related to your ancestor's trauma, as well as your past life experiences,

which generally relates to your witch wound - a traumatic experience (that happened when you tried to liberate your truth) that you personally endured in a past life, or one that was endured by an ancestor.

This purchase is for an intuitive spell to be created and cast by Nerissa, on behalf of you.

This purchase also includes a copy of the spell and method, so that you can cast it yourself,

which will amplify its power and manifesting ability.

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