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I am Nerissa. Welcome to my wild truth!

I am a mind witch and this translates to working with restructuring and reactivating all aspects of the mind.

I believe the mind is the gatekeeper to all liberation - thus healing and thus, change.

I have only ever chosen to reincarnate in times of great human revolution, and I have always come here to support and guide

the human consciousness to soul connection, to encourage ancestral and past life healing,

which then supports balance here on earth and then, all realms. 

I incarnate obtaining knowledge that has been long lost; And this knowledge is received like keys, to allow access to our individual truth.

I use specific mind unlocking techniques to heal the relationship between

the body (which includes the mind)

and the spirit (which is your essence)

which in turn, reactivates balance - which reflects the whole purpose of this realm, which is the equilibrium.

In working with me, you can expect intuitive, personalised channeled guidance -

and this will translate in many different ways, depending on your needs, relating to your personally experienced trauma,

reflecting you dna/ancestral trauma, conditioning and other individual and collective factors.

You can expect a range of healing techniques, including the use of movement, ritual, breathwork, spell casting, energetic healing,

mind activation practices, awareness tools, perspective techniques and activities to help build re-membering

to what you have forgotten, which is always related to self-worth,

which is re-built through dedication to self care, which is the act of honouring self love.

This disempowerment of self, has been bred either through self-experienced trauma (this lifetime)

or body trapped, ancestral trauma (your DNA memory).


I'm ready when you are.

I want healing to be available to everybody.

And I believe if you feel intuitively pulled towards my work, then I am the right guide for you.

I want you to be able to access the guidance you need, for us to work together -

so please know, that I always offer personalised payment plans.

If you feel you are not quite ready to make the jump into 1-on-1 sessions,

know that I offer my podcast: Wild Womban  free for listening and available on Spotify and Apple Podcast,

 daily empowerment via my instagram womban_kind

as well as personalised psychic tarot readings, medicine drum journey meditations and spell casting -

all to support and nurture your current placement.

Nerissa is a highly awake spirit - with a very lively sense of awareness.

Her psychic abilities show themselves through visions

(like a snippet of action shown from the viewers perspective)

and she can tap into your energetic system through mainly, body/emotional portals,

She connects with her highest self and receives knowledge like a" book dropped into her head"

or a download from her highest self, which can only be described like receiving from a usb drive -

straight into her womb from her belly button.

Nerissa is a mind witch - and has been the same in all of her lives,

so more than anything, she is a master of energetic alchemy -with the ability to manipulate,

and so, heal - all energy, but in particular, she focuses her work on liberating the Divine Feminine energy,

which she believes, is the key to healing - everything. 

Nerissa is a qualified 300-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher and qualified pranayama teacher.

She is a natural born energy sorcerous and psychic, with the ability to cut truth out of any source. 

Over her many years working closely with womben, from all walks of life,

She has obtained the ability to control her channeling abilities -

which basically translates to a strong connection to truth and other dimensions,

accessed through lucid dreaming states, astral projecting herself to sit with guides of the feminine

and to "pick up" knowledge and keys from herself in past time lines and past lives

and fully harnessing her given gifts to empower you, as the extension of herself,

with the re-birth, self-activation and liberation that you and your ancestors deserve.


Nerissa lives totally off grid in a bus home deep in the forest on Bundjalung land,

with her partner of 12 years and their two young boys.

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