BOW DOWN TO A GODDESS. She is a woman, so she is Goddess.

Do not question her ability to conjure magic, simply by trusting in her innate power and wisdom. She is boundless.


$10 from every bodysuit from The Empowered Collection, is donated to the Girls Not Brides organisation, to put an end to underage marriages and other harmful practices that affect girls.

The organisation has partnerships and coalitions spread across 24 different countries - and works on programs that empower young girls and enable them to reach their potential.


Read more about Girls Not Brides - at:


$10 from every bodysuit sold, goes to support our rights to freedom of choice

- in a time where truth is a revolutionary act.


The bodysuits are made from a soft ribbed fabric, consisting of 95% cotton + 5% elastane, for the perfect comfort feels.


All prints are designed by Nerissa personally,

and each bodysuit has been hand printed locally, in Melbourne.


THE STYLE IS halterneck with a V neckline.

THE FIT IS close to body, flattering with a subtle linear ribbed lining throughout - AND SHE WEARS just liked a super loved vintage tee - thin enough to just see nipple outline when worn without a bra, but thick enough to feel held and perkified.

FEATURING a push button closure at the crotch (for easy access, of course.)

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND WEARING ONLY HER, NO BRA - for full, authentic embodiment of your fucking glorious self.





Due to the slight stretch and give in the fabric due to the elastane aswell as the ribbing - sizing can vary, depending on whether you would prefer a little extra give, or if you'd prefer the fit to be on the tighter side.

If you'd like the fit to be comfortable, with a little room to move and room to layer underneath - go with your usual size.

If you would like the fit to be tight, and form fitting - go with a size down.

If you are in-between sizing, we recommend sizing down.


XS: 6-8

S: 10-12 

M: 12-14

L: 14-16

*All sizes are in Australian standard sizing



Nerissa wears a sized XS:

She is a size 8 Australian, 173cm tall and wears a 10B cup.

MODEL wears a size S:

She is a size 10 Australian, is 171cm tall and wears a 12D cup.


Wombankind is a small buisness - and we thank you deeply for your love and support! 


Numbers are important, particually when it comes to how we spend our energy - and money is energy!


Whay does the number 66 represent?


Number 66 is comprised of the vibrations and energies of the number 6 doubled and amplified.

Number 6 carries the attributes of humanitarianism, community, service to others, home and family, domesticity and social responsibility, grace, gratitude and simplicity.

Number 66 is a powerful number of unconditional love, healing and faith and trust in the Divine. 



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