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THE VENUS POWER EARRINGS were birthed from frustration, as for years I searched for the perfect pair of light, quality - Venus symbol earrings, to no prevail /

I'm a picky-ass bitch that has high standards...

(get that coated shit away, I want the real thing! Why is it so damn hard to find QUALITY!!!)


And so... I made them myself - because Queens, you know it - when you can't rely on others to get it done - DO IT, YOURSELF!


and HERE they fucking are, in all their glory.


Light weight silver Venus symbols that dangle from a light, fine sterling silver hoop.

The Venus symbols have been hand sculpted and moulded

- and at 99.99% pure silver... These babies are drippin with authenticity.


Each jewellery item sold at Wombankind is hand made by Nerissa.

Each item is filled with love and intention.


This is not fast fashion, so please allow 4 weeks for your order to be hand made

and the allocated time for your item to arrive via postal delivery. 

(All up this will usually take 6 weeks including postage - for Australian customers

and anywhere between 6-12 weeks including postage - for our overseas customers.)


The Venus Power earrings come in a velvet bag for safe and secure keeping,

and can be worn with you, in LIFE.

They can be worn in the shower - But avoid chlorine

and clean when needed, with silver polish and a good rub.

Venus Power Earrings


    Please become familiar with our terms and conditions before purchasing

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