Introducing... Witches Do It Better. 


A small, limited stock collection, birthed from Nerissa,

proud witch and mama to Wombankind Collective.


A witch is merely a woman who knows her power.

She knows what she is

and she knows how to heal

the parts within her, that are not of her.


A witch is empowered, confident in her abilities,

in her aspirations, and in her skills to manifestation.


A witch knows that self lovey

has always been the key to - all - healing.


And that sort of self love, shines the essence of sexy,

that can be felt continents away.


Witches do DO IT better.

Trust me... Bewitching is a real, true thing.


Fit is boxy and comfortable.

Sleeves sit longer than usual t-shirt’s sleeves and the length is cropped to sit at hip height - designed to wear with your fave high waisted jeans, pants or skirts! 



range in sizes 8-18

(Nerissa wears a size 8)


If you want a more oversized fit, size up.

If you want a relaxed vibe - pick your usual sizing.

(as the cut is already boxy - wide in width)


Numbers are important, particually when it comes to how we spend our energy - and money is energy!


Whay does the number 55 represent?


Overall, the number 55 is a very powerful, energetic number in numerology that represents independence, self-sufficiency, and adventure.

Many people may find the angel number 55 appears to them in times of great change or potential change (when a new pathway is presented) in their lives.

Witches Do It Better Tee


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