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This years Wombankind Festival has been build on the intention - of playfulness, connection and liberation.

There are only 150 tickets released to this years festival, and Nerissa has designed it so that all women attending, move together through each offering - in a flow like state - experiencing each workshop as a collective sisterhood. There is absolutely nothing like the power of women, moving energy together.

The deeply humbling experience - that as women, we are tied together through the web of our ancestors.

That our pain is a reflection of one another's - and that our personal process through healing, is received as a frequency to embody renewal, for not only ourselves, but our cells connecting us to our personal linage,

tying us to our collective memory, of what the divine feminine truly represents - The Cycle.

The Wombankind Festival is held on a 50 acre block of land in Numinbah Valley QLD - and is a camping festival.

You will be required to bring your own camping set up.

Please read FAQ here to read more about what to bring and what to expect. 

You are welcome, dear sister - to be acknowledged and held in a safe container,

supported by women, in a space specifically created exclusively for women,

to experience the innate, divine force of - the feminine spirit - to surrender, to let go and to be reborn.


Nerissa has created The Connection Tent - as the central space for women to gather and connect.

This tent will be set up in the festivals central space - and will be covered in cushions.

Multiple cakes will be available to buy by the slice - and cacao and chai will be available on tap. 

One of the first visions Nerissa had for the Wombankind Festival - was women sitting together,

eating decedent cake, drinking heartwarming drinks - connecting together. 

The C tent.... Cake. Chai. Cacao. Cushions. Ceremony. Crying. Cackling. Cracking Open. Connection.

A divinely crafted space, to connect, drink chai and/or cacao, on a cushion - whenever you need a break,

time to process and ground or simply to ENJOY the beauty of being held by and with womben.

(cakes will be available to purchase for $5 a slice, cacao and chai will be available on tap

in soy and cow milk options - for $5 a mug.)

The Healing Tent is an allocated space for you to go, to receive some shamanic counselling and/or bodywork

(massage and energy healing) to support your personal processing.

There will be 3 women offering their personal magic in way of bodywork - and you will be offered a discounted price to experience some extra relief, support and care.

For all nights, dinner is catered and included with your ticket -

allowing you to really ground into the gooey goodness of being amongst women.

Friday night - expect a humble, vegetarian dhal on basmati rice

(vegan + vegetarian + GF)

Saturday night, to celebrate sisterhood and the Full Moon in Taurus -

we will enjoy Paella. (there will be a meat and vegetarian option - Paella is also gluten-free)

Sunday night - we will enjoy a vegetable and lentil curry. 

(vegan + vegetarian + GF)


Meet the facilitators and guest speakers holding space at this year's Wombankind Festival -

and learn more about their individual offerings. 

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