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Remember; A Goddess was just a Woman connected to her innate intuition,

self assured power and loyal trust in self. 

GODDESS RISING is a gathering for all women - to come together in held unity.

A place to heal, reinvent and rediscover our Goddess selves.

Goddess Rising is a gathering structured like a Women's Circle -

so expect the same group of women from start to end.

Anticipate more engagement than a classic Women's Circle as well as sharing incorporated with learning.

As women living within a patriarchal society - a lot of women have felt and do feel, abandoned, unseen and unsupported in their wild woman, full powered - authenticity.

Our ability to transform has been dampened, as we are dampened continuously, so to stay small and alike

in our under acknowledged job - as mother, nest protector, independent rider -

within our historic and expectant placement here.

Goddess Rising is like a Women's Circle, but rather than focusing on what wasn't said -

we focus on ways in which to find the power to speak up, speak clear and honor thy self in truth

and self fueled power.

We dabble in witchcraft, in collective ceremonies to banish old ways - and welcome in your ultimate potential.

Expect to dive deep into the well of rebirth - where we all hold one another, as we each re-learn

how to tread that water, like a mother fucking pro.

We meet every month, around the monthly full moon - via Zoom  - in a women's circle kind of setting,

but with way more sass, exploration, Goddess guided magic and encouraged empowerment.

This space is to share, let go, unleash, rebirth, prepare and refuel.

C'mon, it's time to remember what you are really made of.


limited availability




   8pm AEST 


 Running for 4 weeks - one group session per fortnight - with a limited number of spots available

All sessions are via Zoom - and each session will run for approximately 1.5 hours

*Please also note, that The Goddess Rising is open to all identifying Women.

In saying this, I ask everyone to respect that I work heavily with Humans, born as Women - working through ancestral,

DNA and societal-projected, trauma and wounding associated with being born with a vagina.



Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

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