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A 75 minute one-on-one reading with Nerissa, held via Zoom.


his reading has been designed to gift you perspective, direction and clarity on your current circumstances and ways to move forward with a sense of empowerment and trust, through your personal journey of healing and growth - focusing on present to near future or how to break through a specific situation.


This reading is for the woman who believes in magic beyond the physical. So be aware, that this offering of guidance will only land for you, if you are willing to believe in the power of it.


Nerissa uses a mix of classic tarot and angel guidance cards as well as her own intuitive awareness and psychic abilities. You will have time for present guidance, during the reading, as well as time for inviting further clarity and direction on the cards pulled.

This reading also includes a page write up of the reading and the energy felt and tapped into, by Nerissa.


Expect the write up to be emailed through to you, within one week from the live reading.

The one on one session is held via Zoom and a recording will be sent to you, for private re-watch and download.


FOR VOUCHER USE:  Please gift with the order number (recieved with purchase confirmation)

and Nerissa's contact information (EMAIL -

with directions to make contact to book the gifted reading.


Vouchers are valid for 12 months - from date of purchase.


You can also right click on the voucher photo itself (as listed) if you'd like to gift the voucher as a printed copy.

1:1 Personal Reading GIFT VOUCHER


    Please become familiar with our terms and conditions before purchasing

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