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This purchase is for an intuitve spell to be created and cast by Nerissa, on behalf of you. This purchase also includes a copy of the spell and everything you need to know, so that you can cast it yourself, which will amplify its power and manifesting ability.


Spell crafting is a way to work with the mind by bringing to the conciousness what it is you need to break through to and break free from, so that you can welcome in what is a true reflection of your highest self and your truth.

It allows all low vibrational energies, that may be attached to your dna, your subconcious, and/or your earth memory, to be released and for a clearing to take place within your energetic channel, so that you may welcome a true reflection (what you are truely deserving of).


Nerissa will intuitively create a spell that supports your needs. 

She uses a mixture of sigils, colours, words, visuals and earth elements - all of which she will share with you. 


Please expect your personalised spell to be cast within 2 weeks of purchase.

You will recieve an email to confirm your spell has been cast, aswell as a copy of your personalised spell.

1 Personalised Spell


    Please become familiar with our terms and conditions before purchasing

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